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Thank for for taking the time and effort involved to be a cast member of Darling Downs Revue. As you fill out the form, depending on your answers, the instructions and questions may change. Please fill out every question you are presented with and note that the questions with RED labels are required. Thanks. Darling Downs Revue production team.

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I am sorry, but due to Scouts Queensland policies, you will need to apply and receive a 'Working With Children' Blue card before you can complete this application. Once you have received your card, you can re-apply. Please ask your Section or Group Leader for help applying for one.

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(No application form for Under 18 years of age will be accepted without the Parent's/Guardian's Signature.)
I hereby give my approval for my child to participate in 'Darling Downs Revue' as per the conditions outlined in the Information Pamphlet, the Application Form and the Consent of Use of Performance Statement (as above).
In addition, I give my authority as per the following statement:
'In the event of injury to the Youth Member, where reasonable attempts to contact me are unsuccessful, I give authority for such medical treatment to be given to the Youth Member as is recommended by the Medical Practitioner and seems, in the opinion of the leader in charge, to be reasonable and appropriate. I undertake to be responsible for any fees or charges with respect to that treatment and to pay those costs on demand by the Association.'
My signature bears witness and understanding to these conditions.

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