The Emeralds

A scene from our 2017 production of 'The Wizard of Oz - Down Under'

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Lets Go To The Mall

A scene from our 2016 production "Monopoly'

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Darling Downs Revue

Our Revue is based on traditional Gang Show concepts and started as a result of a visit to Toowoomba by the Brisbane Gang Show. Our first show was held at Harristown State High School Hall in 1991 with a cast of 35. It continued each year till 2001 when the Toowoomba City Hall (our performance venue at the time) closed. We restarted in 2005 performing at Highfields Cultral Centre for the next nine years. In 2014 we changed venues and came back to Toowoomba performing at the new Heritage Bank Auditorium at the Empire Theatre. In 2016 we moved venues once again and now perform at the USQ Arts Theatre.

2020 Season has now finished. Thanks to all that attended.

Roll Up Roll Up one and all,
Dazzler's Circus has arrived
We've finished with rehearsals,
come and watch those who survived

With snake charmer and magician
and a session in clown school
lion tamer, fortune teller
and a human cannoball

With falls and pokes and lots of jokes
we'll keep the fun times flowing
but be silent please amd hold your breath
when the knife thrower starts throwing

To acrobats and magic tricks
and very unscary clowns
we added songs and dance, and a little romance
by Scouts and Guides of the Darling Downs.

Our yearly shows are talked about
for months by those who see 'em
Grab your phone, book your seats
and always carpe diem.

Performances on the 13th and 14th November 2020

"What an absolute wonderful show! So professionally produced and congratulations to the cast, crew and parents who helped. Sell out crowd on opening night! So many people who loved it. There where even people who had to stand because there weren’t seats left. The scenes and lighting effects are amazing and well put together. Toto was a hit!"
'The Wizard of Oz - Down Under'
Nathan C - Nov 2017