Seating arrangements for our 2020 show.

All seating will be allocated according to your 'Booking Bubble'.
If you wish to sit with your family, friends or people you associate with you will need to organise booking your tickets in the one purchase.
There will be two types of seating available at our show this year. Conventional and Grandstand.

Conventional Seating.
There will be three rows of seating at the same level as the stage set up around the outside of the circus ring spaced to suit 'Social Distancing Requirements'. These seats will be reserved and allocated to suit your 'Booking Bubble'. These seats are the best choice for anyone that have mobility issues.

Grandstand Seating.
These are 4 level tiered seating with each seating platform at 50cm levels. These are best for large groups as you can buy a grandstand for your Scout/Guide group, or large family/friends. We may provide a step to make the lower levels easier to access, but the upper levels will need you to take a 50cm step to access. As these are made of aluminum planks, you may wish to bring your own cushion to sit on for comfort.
The adjoining picture gives you an idea of the design of the grandstand.

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